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Caribbeana: The Journal of the Early Caribbean Society


Caribbeana: The Journal of the Early Caribbean Society published its first issue in 2016 and is accepting submissions for the next issue. Please consider submitting an essay! The journal editor, Nicole Aljoe, also invites proposals for book reviews.

We welcome essays about any aspect of the early Caribbean—defined as prior to 1900. In addition to scholarly essays, we are also interested in brief commentary on matters of significant interest to those studying the early Caribbean. More specifically, we are seeking contributors for book reviews, and brief essays about pedagogy and compelling archival materials.


  • Blind submission: Name and identifying information should be removed from within the body of the article

  • Article length: 5-9,000 words in length, not including bibliography and notes

  • Book Reviews, Pedagogy essays, and Notes from the Archives: 2500-5,000

  • Chicago documentation system

Nicole Aljoe,

For more information, contact:

Hand drawn map of Caribbean
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