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30-31 October 2011  |  St. James, Barbados


Nicole N. Aljoe,

English, Northeastern University,

“Slave Narratives in the Early Caribbean”

Ralph Bauer,

English, University of Maryland, College Park,

“The ‘Key’ to the Secrets of the Isle: Hermeticism and Discovery in the early Caribbean”

Kristina Bross,

English, Purdue University,

“‘I offer a New-World’: Thomas Gage Rewrites Discovery”

Brycchan Carey,

English, Kingston University,

“Satire and Slavery in the Early Caribbean”

Kathleen Donegan,

English, University of California, Berkeley,

“'The Sum of All I Know': Richard Ligon’s The True and Exact History of the Island of Barbados”

Richard Frohock,

English, Oklahoma State University,

“English Piracy in the Early Caribbean”

Sean X. Goudie,

English, Pennsylvania State University,

“The Literatures of an Emergent Caribbean America”

Jo Anne Harris,

English, Georgia Gwinnet College,

“Caribbeana (1741): A Literary Conundrum of Colony and Empire”

Toni Wall Jaudon,

English, Hendrix College,

“A World in Common: Afro-Caribbean Religions and the Literatures of the Early Americas”

Thomas W. Krise,

English, University of the Pacific,

“What Literature?  What History? What Should an Early Caribbean Literary History Look Like?”

Elizabeth Maddock Dillon, 

English, Northeastern University,

“Caribbean Geographies of Gender and Reproduction”

Evelyn O’Callaghan,

English, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill,

“Nineteenth-Century Caribbean Narratives”

Carla Gardina Pestana,

History, Miami University,

“The Literature of English Fears of Unfreedom in the Early Caribbean”

Karen N. Salt,

History, University of Aberdeen,

“Prince Saunders and the tale of two Haitis”

David S. Shields,

English, University of South Carolina,

“John Rastel’s 1519 Dialogue”

Cristobal Silva,

English, Columbia University,

“Locating the Caribbean in James Grainger’s The Sugar-Cane”

Cassander L. Smith,

English, University of Alabama,

“Black Africans and the English Imagination in Early Caribbean Literature”

Sue Thomas,

English, La Trobe University,

“Evangelical Life, Narrative, and the Reform of Anglophone Colonial Plantation Slavery Cultures”

Tim Watson,

English, University of Miami,

and Candace Ward,

English, Florida State University,

“Early Creole Novels in English before 1850”

Kelly Wisecup,

English, University of North Texas,

“'All Apollo’s Arts': Medicine and Poetry in the Early Caribbean”

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