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31 October 2011  |  St. Iames, Barbados



Nicole N. Aljoe, English, Northeastern University;

Ralph Bauer, University of Maryland, College Park;

Kristina Bross, English, Purdue University;

Brycchan Carey, Kingston University;

Kathleen Donegan, University of California, Berkeley;

Richard Frohock, Oklahoma State University;

Sean X. Goudie, Pennsylvania State University;
Io Anne Harris, Georgia Gwinnet College;

Toni Wall Iaudon, Hendrix College;
Thomas W. Krise, English, University of the Pacific;

Elizabeth Maddock Dillon, Northeastern University;

Evelyn O'Callaghan, English, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill;

Carla Gardina Pestana, Miami University;

Karen N. Salt, University of Aberdeen;

David S. Shields, English, University ofSouth Carolina;

Cristobal Silva, Columbia University;

Cassander L. Smith, University ofAlabama;

Sue Thomas, La Trobe University;

Tim Watson, English, University of Miami;

Candace Ward, Florida State University;

Kelly Wisecup, University of North Texas

The meeting began at 1pm.

The group discussed a draft ofthe Constitution and Bylaws for the Early Caribbean
Society, which had been presented by Tom Krise. After several friendly amendments
to the documents, they were approved by a unanimous Vote.

Officers were then nominated and elected. Tom Krise was nominated for President;
Karen Salt was nominated for Vice-President; and Richard Frohock was nominated
for Secretary-Treasurer. All three officers were appointed by a unanimous vote.

The members directed the Secretary-Treasurer to open a bank account to facilitate
the management of Society funds.

Further plans for the Early Caribbean Society were discussed, including the location
for the next symposium. A majority of the members present expressed a desire to
attach the next symposium to the American Studies Association meeting planned for
November 2012 in San Iuan, Puerto Rico.


The meeting was adjourned at 2pm.

Hand drawn map of Caribbean



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