Early Caribbean Society
Established 2002

Dissertations, Pre-2000

Casas y bohios: Territorial development and urban growth in XIX century Puerto Rico
by Aponte-Pares, Luis, Ph.D., Columbia University, 1990,
380 pages; AAT 9102398

Origin of medicinal plants and knowledge of their use, Montserrat, West Indies
by Berry, M. Victoria, Ph.D., The University of Tennessee, 1999,
287 pages; AAT 9962242

by BRANA-SHUTE, ROSEMARY, Ph.D., University of Florida, 1985,
453 pages; AAT 8615444

Eighteenth Century Voyagers to the Pacific and the South Seas and the Rise of Cultural Primitivism and the Noble Savage Idea
by Carino, Soccorro Barbaran, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1970,
172 pages; AAT 7114694

Sowing empire: Landscape and colonization in the eighteenth century
by Casid, Jill Helene, Ph.D., Harvard University, 1999,
508 pages; AAT 9949741

Racial politics and commercial agriculture: West Indian immigration in nineteenth-century Puerto Rico, 1800-1850. (Volumes I and II)
by Chinea Serrano, Jorge Luis, Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1994,
457 pages; AAT 9505390

Sacrifice and national identity: Foundational discourse in nineteenth century Cuban antislavery texts
by DelCampo, Kelly Phipps, Ph.D., Emory University, 1995,
300 pages; AAT 9536377

The Uses of History in the Caribbean Novel
by Drake, Sandra Elizabeth, Ph.D., Stanford University, 1977,
310 pages; AAT 7712628

A colony of citizens: Revolution and slave emancipation in the French Caribbean, 1789-1802
by Dubois, Laurent Marc, Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1998,
645 pages; AAT 9840526

Espacio y mirada: Los comienzos de la narrativa en Cuba (1790-1850)
by Figueroa, Armando, Ph.D., Columbia University, 1990,
296 pages; AAT 9118565

Creole America: The West Indies and the formation of American literature and culture in the New Republic
by Goudie, Sean Xavier, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1999,
227 pages; AAT 9966393

The evolution of industrial development in Costa Rica: Political and institutional constraints to full utilization of factors of production
by Graterol-Aranguren, Jose Antonio, Ph.D., Cornell University, 1992,
269 pages; AAT 9236063

"Homely adventures": Domesticity, travel, and the gender economy of colonial difference in eighteenth-century British literature
by Harrow, Sharon Rebecca, Ph.D., The University of Arizona, 1999,
323 pages; AAT 9960288

The black apprentice in Maryland courts records from 1661 to 1865
by Hicks, Helena Sorrell, Ph.D., University of Maryland College Park, 1988,
229 pages; AAT 8818404

The literature of travel advice in England, 1560-1700
by Hollinger, Douglas Lloyd, Ph.D., Texas Christian University, 1996,
200 pages; AAT 9627279

From the harem to the plantation: Freedom, virtue, and slavery in Restoration and eighteenth-century British women's literature
by Howard, Carol Lea, Ph.D., Columbia University, 1999,
203 pages; AAT 9930729

Agricultural land use of Guadeloupe
by Hoy, Don Roger, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1960,
164 pages; AAT 6100147

The Caribbean cotton production: An historical geography of the region's mystery crop
by Jaquay, Barbara Gaye, Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 1997,
199 pages; AAT 9729210

"In the eye of all trade": Maritime revolution and the transformation of Bermudian society, 1612-1800
by Jarvis, Michael Joseph, Ph.D., The College of William and Mary, 1998,
850 pages; AAT 9920302

The Caribbean cotton production: An historical geography of the region's mystery crop
by Jaquay, Barbara Gaye, Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 1997,
199 pages; AAT 9729210

Representations of the British West Indies from the Restoration to the American Revolution: Prolegomena to the field and a critical anthology of early Jamaica
by Krise, Thomas Warren, Ph.D., The University of Chicago, 1995,
598 pages; AAT 9530761

Melancholy and fatal calamities: Natural disasters and colonial society in the British Greater Caribbean, 1623-1781
by Mulcahy, Matthew Burke, Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1999,
330 pages; AAT 9941750

Representation and subjectivity in 16th and 17th century Afro-Hispanic Caribbean texts
by Olsen, Margaret Mary, Ph.D., Tulane University, 1997,
198 pages; AAT 9906394

by PITMAN, FRANK WESLEY, Ph.D., Yale University, 1914,
495 pages; AAT 0114059

A History of the East Indian Indentured Plantation Worker in Trinidad, 1845-1917
by Perry, John Allen, Ph.D., Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College, 1969,
171 pages; AAT 7000259

Cultural identity of the free colored in Christiansted, St. Croix, Danish West Indies, 1800-1848
by Rezende, Elizabeth, Ph.D., The Union Institute, 1998,
469 pages; AAT 9834146

Puerto Rico: Culture and education in a transitional era
by Riestra, Miguel Angel, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1962,
306 pages; AAT 6202958

by ROOKE, PATRICIA THELMA, Ph.D., University of Alberta (Canada), 1977;
AAT 0327798

Producing a peculiar commodity: Jamaican sugar production, slave life, and planter profits on the eve of abolition, 1750--1807
by Ryden, David Beck, Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1999,
337 pages; AAT 9952351

Salt-water slaves: African enslavement, forced migration, and settlement in the Anglo-Atlantic world, 1660--1700
by Smallwood, Stephanie Ellen, Ph.D., Duke University, 1999,
371 pages; AAT 9958787

Family life of slaves in Puerto Rico: Demographic evidence from the years 1675--1800
by Stark, David Martin, Ph.D., Indiana University, 1999,
351 pages; AAT 9962736

Colonial production, domestic consumption: Narrative and politics in eighteenth-century Britain
by Sussman, Charlotte Sacks, Ph.D., Cornell University, 1992,
316 pages; AAT 9318822

Limited Resource Countries and Agricultural Development: A Methodology Used for the Caribbean
by White, Marcia Noreen, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1986,
239 pages; AAT 8623437

The indigenization of theology in the Caribbean
by Williams, Lewin Lascelles, Ph.D., Union Theological Seminary, 1989,
405 pages; AAT 9019603

Disease in the Torrid Zone: Malady and Medicine in eighteenth-century Santo Domingue
by Weaver, Karol Kimberlee, Ph.D.  Pennsylvania State University, 1999
260 pgs, AAT 9960675